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Tuyến du lịch Quốc lộ 14 - Bình Phước 
 (CTTĐTBP) - Tuyến du lịch Quốc lộ 14: Đồng Xoài - trảng cỏ Bàu Lạch - cụm thác trên sông Đồng Nai.


Highway 14 tourist routes

Dong Xoai - Grass plot - Waterfall cluster on Dong Nai river (2 days - 1 night)
Day 1: Dong Xoai - Bu Dang - Waterfall cluster on Dong Nai river: Departure at Ho Chi Minh city, Binh Duong or Dong Xoai township.

6h30: Pick up at Dong Xoai township, have break-fast. Arrive Bu Dang according National road 14.
8h30: Arrive Duc Phong town (Bu Dang district), visit Bau Lach grass - plot, sightseeing fishing, rowing...
11h30: Have lunch with popular dishes such as: Sour soup of leaf named Giang, fried leaf named Nhip, Lam rice, Dap rice, roast meat recommended by experienced chief.
12h30: Arrive to Hamlet 1's wharf by motorcycle or walking around 2.5 km distance to the destination.
14h00: Taking canoe along Dong Nai river to visit ghenh (whirpool) Kamen, Sung Trau, Ran, Cong Vien waterfall, Tran waterfall, Vua Lake, Luong waterfall...
17h30: Camping at Luong waterfall, enioy the dawn of the rural area. Attend camp-fire program, drinking Can wine, eating roast meat. Stay the night at Luong waterfall.
Day 2: Visit Dong Nai forest - Dong Xoai

6h00: Have breakfast at early time. Enjoy rice soup of fishs name Lang and Bong.
7h30: Bathing in the river, take souvenir photos.
8h30: Walking (10 km) cross the forest through Ba Cay Dau bridge, view a huge tree named Tung its waist need more than 10 people hugging, view the primitive forest's scence and return grass plot, visit M'Nong hamlet 8, walking to visit Voi waterfall (Nokrop waterfall).
11h30: Break, have lunch at grass plot with popular dishes as: Lam rice, roast meat, sour soup of fish named Lang, drinking local wine. Take a rest.
16h30: Return to Dong Xoai township. End trip and say goodbye.
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